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Entry #2

Hey newgrounds people

2010-12-04 09:19:28 by paulaamc

So, yeah I'm back to newgrounds, or at least I think I am.

I'm 14 now, whoah, I haven't been here in a year :0 long time no see, huh?
But anyways, yeah, see you around.


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2010-12-04 09:50:44

That's depressing I can't draw as good and I recently turned 15...

Can I ask how long you've been drawing for?


2010-12-04 10:05:34

Ha nevermind, after dA stalking I found out it was 10, I had no idea how to draw then... I started at 12/13.
Maybe I'll be as good as you are now at 16 or 17.... still depressing...


2010-12-04 10:06:30

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2010-12-08 16:04:24

Welcome back! :3


2011-01-30 16:04:56

your arts fucking amazing!!!!!!!!


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